Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Conglomeration of Life Here

 Our 2 month old puppies love to snuggle up on me while I work or relax outside. They love warmth.
 Even when they can't be on my lap they want to be so close to me! I was chilling outside talking with my man and Zuma this little puppy wanted to be so close to me!

 We also had another Cheromei family gathering where Grace family was also invited! So many cousins and amazing food! It was hosted at David's eldest sister's home, Rebecca!

 All lined up and waiting for the yummy lunch at Rebecca's!
 Sibling love!
Levi playing with the school kids!
 I have this room in our home where I have quiet time with Jesus and create. Lucy and woken up from her nap and Lily surprised me by carrying Lucy out of bed to where I was at! I told my two girls get up on my lap and I squeezed and loved on them! So many sweet snuggles and silliness and laughter... just what this mama needed!

 I have been trying to get more involved up at the school and the class one teacher asked me to bring up some story books for the kids to practice reading!
 You should have heard these kids looking at the pictures and reading the words in the books! They were fascinated! Such vivid colors and interesting and funny stories! I take for granted books and now I see them in a new light! They are a luxury in Kenya to have story books to read!

 "Take a picture of me and my book!!!"
 The clouds here are always so fascinating to me!
 Just a bit of a rainbow peeking through. We are currently, thankfully in rainy season and our crops are growing! We also get to witness a lot of rainbows that always appear behind the big house! So fascinating!

I found some great stomping on the farm boots for Lucy from the container of items we shipped here in 2015! She has loved them and wanted to model them for me! :)
 Lucy also loves our puppies...

 sometimes a bit too much!
Here is another one our animals, Jackson Storm, as Levi named him. He loves to hang out in our house and stay close to me.

It has been quite a tumultuous few weeks here as we found out that Victor Kiplagat who has been with us for about 3 years here was HIV+. His father Kemboi used to be our cook here. Kemboi is a single father with 4 children. We welcomed his family here to live with us as Kemboi was always working long hours and stressed about taking care of the family. We always test people before joining the family for HIV but we did not with his family thinking that he would have told us if any of the children had any health issues. Again we were shown that we can really trust no one here. :-( So at the end of last month we found out that Victor is HIV+ and has been taking medication without us knowing because his older brother Dan had been giving it to him. It was a whirlwind. It was scary thinking that we had all been innocently interacting and caring for Victor this whole time! I prayed during and after that meeting and God gave me a peace that surpassed understanding.  All of Grace family, Cheromei family and all our caregivers went to be tested at our local health centre.... Praise the Lord all of us were negative. The Lord protected us. He is good and such sweet Father! Currently we are not trained or equipped to help children who are HIV+. We had to send Victor to go live with his father Kemboi. Please continue to pray with us that God would continually lead and guide us as there are tough decisions and challenges. We pray we would lead Grace family with wisdom and a whole lotta love!

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