Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mama's Day

In Kenya they do not celebrate Mama's day like we do in America. I had to share with the children at church what we do in America to celebrate mothers. I was saying that usually on this day the fathers and children take care of the mama and make things for her and tell her thank you for all that she does. I shared with them the story of Hannah in the Bible of 1 Samuel chapter 1 praying for a child. God had compassion on this mama and granted her request. God loves to answer prayers and work in mighty ways. I asked the children do you think that your mama prayed for you before you were growing in her tummy? We also talked about how Hannah kept her promise to God that she would take the child when he grew up to serve God at the Tabernacle in Shiloh. What a courageous and obedient thing for Hannah to keep her promise to God after he gave her Samuel!

After church I told the kids you all are free to make something for your mama! Their eyes lit up! In Kenya they do not have the resources and freedom or money to just have arts and crafts on hand. They see that putting money toward food, schooling and clothes is much better use money of their income. I had cut construction paper in half and had all of the colors of the rainbow for the children to pick from. I forget until we do something like this that they are not given many options so when I asked what color paper they wanted as I walked around it took them a few minutes to decide. The children do not have so many options here (I feel we an have overwhelming amount of options in America)! 

 As you can tell from the following pictures that the children just loved creating and thanking their Mama in their artistic creations! They were so busy and focused!

 Here is the table where the kids could pick any color crayon or marker for their creations!

 I would say a little over half of the children that attended Sunday service wanted to create something for their mama. I observed that most of Grace family walked out and did not want to create something. It is one of those hit you in the heart moments that I could have really hit a nerve. Some of the children in Grace family have either lost their mama, they have been abandoned by their mama, or their mama wanted them to be part of Grace family because they come from a large family or she is HIV+ and wants a better life for her children. I don't force any of Grace family to call me mama. They call me Soti or Auntie Laurel. I noticed a few weeks back that Mercy and Moses the youngest have started to call me Mama and it really made my heart smile.

 Just look at their fun creations!

Much love and many thanks to my Mom and the many different mamas who have shaped me into the woman I am today. I am thankful for how God has given  me a community of women to encourage and share life! It is vital love on other mamas as we all have struggles and challenges in raising these blessed children God has given us.

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