Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flat Holden

Our friends the Brewer family visited Grace family last June when we (the Cheromei family) were still in America. Holden their 7 year old had a class project. The class read a fun fictional book called "Flat Stanley" about a young boy who accidentally got squished as "flat as a pancake: and was a blessing to travel all over the world in an envelope because he was so thin. So Holden made a "Flat Holden" and sent it to us! We had fun taking him around and sent Holden an email about Flat Holden's adventures with Grace family.

 When Flat Holden arrived he first visited the Cheromei house and met with Lucy and Jackson Storm our cat!
 Our 2 month old puppies (Zuma and Honey Blue with their Mama Scooby) wanted to greet Flat Holden next on the front porch of our home.
 It is rainy season now so Lily wanted to protect Flat Holden from all of the rain with her pink umbrella!
 The next day Flat Holden wanted to play with Levi and Derick in the dirt with all the trucks! He loved it and was thankful he got the car transporter to play with!

 On Saturday you helped the other kids with the laundry. Everything is hand washed here so it was a lot of work! Flat Holden enjoyed hanging up with clothes on the outside line with Winnie Awino.
 Flat Holden along with Naomi and Mercy  washed A LOT of laundry and got so soapy and wet!
 Victor Kirwa wanted you to get a nice picture with our calf who is yet to be named!
 Levi took Flat Holden to the playground to slide down our steep slide!
 Moses wanted to climb up the playground with Flat Holden!
 Mercy wanted Flat Holden to see all of the great potatoes that are growing in our garden!
 Levi helped Flat Holden climb up the stalk of maize (corn).
 Moses wanted to show Flat Holden more of the garden (shamba).
Lily wanted Flat Holden to see our chickens that we hope will someday lay some eggs for us to eat!

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