Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 4 (Sunday) a day to rest

 We had church in the same class that we had the movie in the night before.

 Tom brought the message from Matthew 22:37

Afterward the children were asked who wanted a Bible and most everyone wanted a small Gideon's ESV version Bible. What a blessing to be able to put God's Word in all of these little hands!
 After church David took Tom and Bryan to a bridge that the community is requesting us to help them fix. It will be a future project for a future team but now they can plan and get measurements and think of how to do it all with the materials available.
 This is a tree nursery that is right next to the bridge .

The swings are all full and everyone is loving how everything is repaired... especially the tire swing!

 Dennis at the well turning the wheel to get water.
 Winnie Awino and Naomi

What fun to play at the little one's play place! So new and exciting!

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