Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 6 Community Project!

This where the men went off to help with the full tractor and truck while all the little ones played and played on the new playground!!

 The house of Allan Kipchumba's Kogo and Kugo that we had identified the day before as in desperate need of a new kitchen. It was a group of 6 men that started the tearing down and rebuilding.
 They said it was quite easy to tear down as the house was made only of sticks, mud and dung.
 Now they have smoothed and cleared the area and they are ready to install the poles.

 Many people from the community came to the home to help re-mud the other part of the house, help with building and clearing or just stand around and watch everyone work. People were curious about all the power tools that Tom and Bryan had brought to the property. It made the work go so much faster! Thank you Lord for your provision of a great generator to help with all of these projects and the amazing power tools that Tom has brought over the years! Wow! He knew all that we needed and He knows how to care for us so well!

 Here is the back of the house and the new kitchen! What amazing work that was accomplished!

Some community kids coming by to see the great work! and as you can see in the background all of the cleared sticks from the previous kitchen.
 As you can see what a difference it makes for this family to have the other part of their house re smeared with mud and dung to make it more warm and the new kitchen! What great work when people come together for God!

Kogo and Kugo were telling us that they will not use the new room for their kitchen but since it is so much more insulated it will become their bedroom! Also, there was a nice dish rack that was made outside for them and all of their dishes to dry in the sun! Kogo kept telling the team how much it made her heart happy and so blessed to have their help. She has been feeling quite discouraged and overwhelmed with caring for her husband 24/7 who has a stroke. We are trying to look into different options of how to help them in this way. We started by bringing a bag of corn and potatoes to help them with food as it is hard for Kogo to plant anything with all the care she gives her husband. May the Lord guide us as to how to continue to support them.

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 

1 John 4:11

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