Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 7 small but o so helpful projects

Day 7 was filled with various projects that we had identified on Monday from people in the community needing help with or here at the property needing repair. Tom and Bryan helped fix the Big house dish rack that was falling apart in place, they made a new table for my kitchen, worked on fixing one of the big slides, delivered blessings to some women in the community....

 Bryan and Tom were able to make Sheila a great dish rack to help with their utensils. We have been helping this family ever since moving here. The Lord has knit our hearts together. Sheila and her brothers lost their mother at a young age and sweet Sheila has been supporting her family ever since while she went through high school and just last year completed college! She is a brave, hard working woman who knows God has good plans for her life.

 Here is the other Single Kogo who was identified as needing help with a mattress and some blankets. This is inside her home where she was sleeping on top of her clothes.

Time to make the bed with new blankets. 

 Bryan, Kogo and Tom
So this Kogo heard how well Tom, Bryan and their team of men had fixed the new kitchen for Kogo and Kugo down the road and requested for a new house also. There was not time or funds to help Kogo at this time but we hope in April when Tom's team comes back that we can tackle more community projects! 

 Another project that was completed today was a revamping one of the big slides. We thought it was going to be pretty simple by just putting new metal on the slide but no..... most of the boards had been rotting and had to replace almost everything! Sorry Tom and Bryan... we thought it would be a quickie! It is so fun to have a new fast big slide!
 You can see the moon in this picture peeking over the big house!

Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! 

Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm 

so that I will be free of pain. 1 Chronicles 4:10

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