Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Dennis and Benard went to the forest to find us a Christmas tree! Woooohoooo!

Dennis and Papa

Silly Lily

Moses and Auntie Christine

Benard and Victor in their fort made out of mattresses

Levi and Brenda
One version of the fort!


Eunice and Winnie K.


Decorated Christmas tree by these beautiful children!

Awino, Levi and Sharon working on Christmas sign!

SLIDE!!!! With the little men:)

Sweet girl :)

The BIG house

Bees on a Mission house

Decotrated with yarn, puppets, pom pom balls and love!

Levi's loves his trucks!

Mom and Lily

Levi loves to wear glasses without the dark lenses in!


Ahhhh! Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow?!!

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