Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wood and Paint!

We have a carpenter come to the propery to help build new bunk beds and various tables.

So thankful we can take this opportunity to help the boys learn something about wood!

Levi's new chair! haha... Victor!
Time to paint the guest room for JB and Shenan to visit us for about 2  months! The BEES ON A MISSION house is finally going to house someone!

I love painting with my hands! So much better than brushes!

Victor helping us out!

Brenda and Jeru got in on the action also!

Loving the colors that people came up when they mixed it all up!

Brenda and the paint!

Woohoo! Painted hands!.... Didn't realize it was oil based paint so we had to get turpentine to get it off!

Woohoo first BEES ON A MISSION room painted and it was so much to have a lot of help!
Working on finishing touches

Color inspiration for the room!

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