Sunday, December 1, 2013

WE are back! Enjoy!

I want to apologize for not updating this blog since Nov 15th! That is terrible but I have just gotten caught up in everyday life here. Praying you are doing well and enjoying this season of Christ's birth! Let us celebrate the reason for the season!

Donna has been so good with Moses and caring for him throughout the day!

He loves all the attention from Donna and Abbey.

We love to make him do funny faces and he loves it!

Donna and Abbey found out that he loves face massages! :)

Lunch time fun!

Christine helping to feed these funny munchkins!

Moses loves all the attention he gets when he hangs out in the basin!

Sharon and Moses

This little man looks so good in every color of the rainbow!

More fun in a smaller basin!
The sunsets are just so amazing here. I can't understand how the clouds and sun is so different here! God is amazing with His creation!

Little man and I!

Family portrait!

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