Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maasai Mara

Cue the music and just imagine as you scroll through these pictures that you entered into the movie "The Lion King" You can drive among all the animals and just see them in their natural habitat. I know Donna, Abbey and I felt this way and would break out into song at times!

In our case we got to get out and hike up to see the Rhinos because they are in a protected area from the poachers who want to kill them for their horns to be sold in China I believe for ton of money!

They just munched on their grass and could care less that we were there.

Abbey here really wanted to pet one but the rangers with us discouraged it...
We felt like their body and bone structure really reminded us of dinosaurs. Such magnificent animals God created!

A view of the Maasai Mara

Cami, my sister! This reminded me of you as I know you would have wanted to take this home just like Abbey wanted to get it and hide it away in her luggage...

Pumba and family (Warthog)

 Here is a link to a video we and our friends (JB and Shenan Boit) took back in 2009 when we went to the Maasai Mara... Lion vs. Wildebeest


Water Buffalo

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