Thursday, July 17, 2014


It has been a year since arriving here in Kenya. The following are the highlights of what God has done through you and all of us here at Grace of God Children’s Centre:

1.    Bringing the gospel to schools and communities ministry
We have visited more than six schools since we arrived here. We spoke the Good News of Jesus Christ to them and more than 200 souls have been delivered. Thank you God for this, we also want to thank you so much for your prayers and support.
We want to thank our friends from Colorado through Harambee foundation for sponsoring some of the children to go high school.

2.     Reaching out to remote villages and movie ministry
Hundreds of souls have been saved through our movie ministry. We continue reaching out to many communities for Christ through showing various Christian movies. A lot of people come and many of them give their lives to Christ. Thank you God for what you are doing. We have reached more than a thousand people in various villages through our movie ministry. We showed “The Passion of Christ” movie and it touched a lot of people. In fact more than 300 people gave their lives to Christ after watching the movie.  This is a wonderful ministry and we want to thank God for using this powerful tool to change lives for Christ.  We want to thank you too; we wouldn’t have done this without your prayers and support.  We also have visited and spoken at a few churches.

3.    Cow Ministry
This sounds funny but very helpful to our orphanage. We added three cows since we arrived here in Kenya.  We added Victoria (Randy and Vicky Edgemon), 5K (Missouri High School), Tony (Missy Sawyers and Allan Keeble).  Also Misch was born few weeks after we arrived here, and he was named “Misch” in honor of UCCS coach Mark Misch. Tony was named in memory of Tony Sawyers through our friend Missy Sawyers. Victoria and 5K were names picked through organized fundraising races. Men! We are growing and very thankful for how God has been providing.

4.    Food and clothing for the needy ministry
We donated a few clothes and continue feeding kids that attend our Sunday school every other Sunday.  We can’t wait to receive a container from Marion, VA full of donated cloths and other items. Thank you God for this, we also want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. If you would like to help with the remaining money that is needed to fundraise for the container you can contact Donna Johnson:

5.    Water filtration ministry
We added new well at the Centre. This has been helpful to have enough clean water.

6.    Bible Ministry
We have distributed more than 600 Bibles to those who gave their lives to Christ during our outreach ministries. We also gave some Bible to pastors and church leaders. Thank you for donation of Bibles, what a great gift!

7.    Child Sponsorship Ministry
We received five new children into our Centre since we arrived.  We welcomed Moses, Timothy, Kipchumba, Derek and Jerop.

8.    Missions Ministry
We have had various mission teams and individuals here! Our first were Donna and Abbey Johnson followed by JB and Shenan Boit. Also, Laurel’s parents were here over Christmas. Then we had the UCCS team here for a week, and then a team from Roanoke, VA who built our playground! Camilla and Katrine from Denmark were here to help at the local school and Rebekah Ricksecker and Dan Newell here just recently. It has been a joy to have visitors and to share life together and learn from one another. God is so good.

9.    Awareness and Sports Ministry
We just started soccer for kids.  We want to reach out to many kids for Christ through playing soccer after our Sunday school services.  It is attraction to many kids. We also have a few races for awareness/fundraising scheduled for this year.

10. Construction Ministry
We have constructed the following since we arrived here in Kenya:
a.     Watchman house
b.     New tools shed
c.      Fencing around the property
d.     New main gate
e.     Built a small temporary office area
f.      Added doors to dorms, bathrooms and showers rooms
g.     Completed lighting
h.     Upgraded the playground
i.       Built a garage for our truck
j.       Extended Bees on a Mission house
k.     Extended the shamba (garden) and planted various crops.

The following are prayer needs:
1.     We are looking for someone to volunteer teach or tutor Mathematics and English at the Centre. If you are a teacher, please come help us at our Centre or at the school where our kids are attending.
2.    Money to finish up construction work the Centre to enable us accommodate more children, click here for more information
3.     Sponsor a child, we are praying for people to help sponsor a child. Click here if your interested in sponsoring a child in need.   
4.     We need used or new Bibles. We continue to reach out to many lost souls in various communities.  Please we can use your old Bibles in God’s work contact Donna Johnson:
a.     You could also purchase some Bibles. Anyone who wants to order the hardcover compact Bibilca Bibles can order them by calling Biblica US and providing a credit card number to them; once the payment goes through, they will contact the Biblica Kenya team to provide the Bibles.  Since the Bibles are shipped from within Kenya, the shipping only costs $4 (shipping from US would cost $245 for FedEx or $170 for USPS) for a case of 44 Bibles. Biblica US POCs (I ordered through Sinh Nguyen):
 To make payment to our Biblica office in US

Staff accountant
Tel (719) 867-2657
Sinh Nguyen
Staff Accountant
Biblica US, Inc

Shipping information:

Grace of God Children's Centre
c/o David & Laurel Cheromei
Next to Cheptigit Primary School
Via Eldoret-Kaptagat-Eldama Ravine Road
Kaptagat Kenya

David Cheromei's cell:  0752528948 (from US - 011.254.752.52.8948)
Laurel Cheromei's cell:  0752956466 (from US - 011.254.752.95.6466)

Biblica Kenya POCs:

John Thiong'o
Bookshop Manager
Biblica -Caledonia
Tel: (254 20) 2722919/2711365

Rose Birenge
Biblica Africa

5.    We need used or new clothes, container is waiting to be shipped, contact Donna Johnson:
6.    We are praying for 100 people to donate  $50 towards this need of building a school for the needy. Make a donation if the Lord is speaking to your heart click here
7.    Buying new school uniforms for the children. We have bought some to get the kids going but they need at least 2 uniform sets. They are about $20 each. You can make a donation through general donation button on our website click here:

It has been a great journey with you all. It may have been challenging but knowing that He who started a good work in us will always be with us. We thank you so much for being there with us.  The Bible says “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up”(Galatians 6:9). We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in the years and years to come in this God’s work! Be blessed, David and Laurel Cheromei in Kenya (

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