Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This past Saturday!

 This Saturday we worked hard in the morning and played in the evening! In the morning the boys helped Wilson and Kemboi our cook cut down some grasses and carry it back to our house for the cows. The girls helped with getting the compound clean with all the trash and what not around and also helping to watch the cows graze and mow all our grass!
Winnie A.

Winnie K. and Mercy Jerop

 The pile of grasses ready to be cut up for the cows to eat...
Gideon, Derick, Dennis making whistles (noise makers) from the grass

Ian and Victor


Wilson our watchman cutting up the grass with a machete.

 We love reading books here and every book we found for Moses to read another kid wanted to look at!

Kipchumba, Winnie A., Derick

Levi found a book with a tractor in it!


Sitting around the warmth and reading books!

Thank you, Victor, for helping me to walk around with the chair! -Moses


  1. Great photos . . . most I've seen with Moses smiling! Momo and I miss everyone! Love Papa/Daddio

    1. It is funny, I think he learned on Saturday that when the camera comes out you got to smile! I kept trying it and he kept smiling! Funny how little ones learn! :)