Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walking and Exploring

 Went out for a bit on Sunday... just the four of us.

 Went to check on the overhaul of the truck... it has been with this great detail oriented mechanic for about a week now fixing all of the problems and just getting it back into good working order. Levi loved watching him work... Lily was a little bored with it!

 So since the truck is being worked on we walked across the fields to the tarmac to get a ride on a matatu (public transportation van) Lily and Levi loved it and were really good at walking there...
 As you can see Levi fell asleep on the walk back!

 Lily loves to find mushrooms!
 You can see the big house of Grace of God Chidlren's Centre if you look closely in the background!

 There are these little purple flowers that are edible and good for you... I was a little wierded by that so I did not eat but Baba and Lily were having a ball finding them!

 The next day, Monday we let one of our rabbits out... the kids petted it  A LOT!
 It sat their patiently like my rabbit I had when I was in high school... Wobbles. :)

 One day their chairs were turned into cars and they were racing around the house!

 Kids playing and cows and chickens eating.... this is life on a farm!

When Baba is busy during the week the only time we get to sit with him is at breakfast! They fight over their Baba and make it a challenging breakfast. I am thankful for a patient man. :)

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