Monday, September 26, 2016

Mud, play, celebrate, repeat!!

Little Lucy soaked and muddy to the bone! Her upper half is so clean because she had her winter coat on! She absolutely loves the water!
Lily, Levi and Lucy love to set up the chairs in the house! Here they are playing they are in an airplane!
Lily and Lucy taking a selfie!
Little Lucy loves when she is included in the games!
Lucy and Kipchumba are buddies! Moses is off and running!
I thank the Lord for our two milking goats!! Lucy ad Levi are both lactose intolerant.
We celebrated Brenda's birthday last Thursday! Yummy soda cake and sweet biscuits! Such a treat and good fun!
Brenda is the one with the pink berets!
Such a funny little daughter!
Half of one of the storage rooms are shaping up to be an art studio!!! Donna and I cannot wait to get the children creating!
As you can see the other half is the many hours spent organizing all of the amazing clothes sent in the container for outreach projects and for the children! I love not having to go to the market to buy clothes for Grace family!
SO a week ago Vincent one of our older boys brought home two puppies from an abandoned house near their school! I did not find out about them until a few days later! Haha! Vincent is an animal lover and our go to guy for anything to do with any of our cows, goats, chickens, duck, cats or dogs!
Just FYI: they tend to not name the animals here until they are older in case they don't make it.
Hey Moses!!
We have so much fun with these roly oily puppies!

Kisses for Lucy!

The Lord is so good to us. We are thankful for how He loves and provides the strength for us each day! It has been a lot of hard work in training the children and staff. The work always continues but I love this quote by Lara Casey: "Cultivate what matters little by little."

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