Saturday, September 17, 2016

One of today's projects!

Zion asked Donna and I to repainted the blackboards in Grace Family Educational Centre! I had not played in paint in a while. When Zion asked me to repaint them I knew that I would not keep them simple boring! This is a school for creative little children! Little by little I want to make this place more fun ad inspiring!
Here is the before picture of classroom 1. Lily and Mercy were playing they were the teachers!
This is the before picture of classroom 2! Shoo they had painted the blackboard onto the wall before ye primer had dried so you can see it was in really bad shape!

Here is the after picture of classroom 1! Donna and I had so much fun with the scalloped edges!
Here is the after of classroom 2! I was inspired by the brackets we use when typing { }<<<see??!!

Hmm what can I paint next??!!