Sunday, September 18, 2016

The most fun Lincoln logs!!

Today the kids had a grand time with the large pile of firewood we have sitting around waiting to be chopped up!! I love their imagination! God gives us such creative minds and ways to solve boredom!
This is Derik's home shared with Levi.
Lucy had to go in and check it out!
Lily and Mercy created this cozy home. 
Lucky found a long curly stick and wanted to add it to Derik's home!
Lucy and Kipchumba pretend to drink drinks from wood!
Here is KIRWA and Dennis' home with Moses standing around checking the progress.
Brenda helped Lily and Mercy make a better home!
I like seeing Moses and Lucy playing with each other more. When we first arrived Moses did not like that someone was younger than him and getting into his things!
Derik renovating his home!
Kipchumba is such an active and caring boy. Many days you will find him helping with Lucy or running around and jumping on top of things and climbing everything!
Moses, King of the firewood!

Lots of building!

Moses and Lucy sharing their findings from the flower garden.
Here is a view from the lookout of the Lincoln log village!

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