Sunday, June 16, 2013

Are you stuck in the mud?

We were able to finally travel to see Kogo and Kugo (David’s mom and dad) it has been raining more here lately so it was quite an adventure! We have a yellow truck (dubbed the yellow submarine) that we have been traveling in. We are thankful for the Lord’s provision for this truck. As we traveled yesterday we got stuck in the mud twice. I think sometimes we get stuck in the mud so that the Lord can connect us with certain people. Whenever we have gotten stuck there are men that come to help us out! I am amazed by their generosity and how they will get so muddy helping us. The first time we got stck yesterday God brought 4 men by. One of them was David’s classmate from high school. He was so excited to finally see David again after 13 years! Once we got unstuck his classmate rode with us up the road for a while and he and David were able to catch up. I love how God works to connect people again!

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