Saturday, June 15, 2013

Repetition is the key to learning

In junior high my siblings and I had a Bible teacher, Mr. Beall, tell us “Repetition is the key to learning, the key to learning is repetition” This has stuck in my mind ever since and never has it been put more into practice than right now! There is a lot of repetition in living in Kenya. Everyday you have to sweep and mop your house or else you will be inundated with a lot of mud and just crazy dirtiness. It is so hard to get used to. You take a shower here and once you step outside your feet are already dirty again and one of my little ones wants to be picked up who have mud on the bottom of their shoes so my clothes are dirty. Shoo weee I thought I enjoyed getting dirty but this is just a bit much! Haha.

I feel like I am also constantly doing laundry here with the help of the ladies at the centre. With 2 little ones under the age of 3 they are into all of the water, mud, and anything dirty possible! Levi goes through about 2-3 clothes changes a day! It is exhausting but makes me have a new appreciation for washer while we lived in America.

I am thankful that for the first week that we were here I was able to stay at the children’s centre with the little ones so they could get on a good sleep schedule and get over the colds they have been battling since arrival.

Please pray for us as this is quite an adjustment for all of us. We are thankful for the Lord bringing us here and just needing to be patient and flexible through this time. We are thankful for your encouragement and verses that you have sent to us.

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  1. Thinking of all of you and what an adjustment it must be. We had a really bad storm Monday night with the transformer blowing up and our computer possibly gone So we haven't been getting all of our emails because we have been using my laptop and can not receive all of our email accounts. Loved the pictures of the kids. Praying that God will keep you safe and allow you to do what you need to do to reach people over there and the children will learn from your teachings. May God continue to bless you looks we both are having a rainy time Love and miss all of you Tell David not to be chasing any lions now and to stay away from elephants Shields Tribe