Thursday, June 27, 2013

Come take a look inside GOGCC

Sarah our matron working on cleaning the dishes outside

The beautiful home the Lord blessed the children with!

Come on inside through the front doors as you can see it is very spacious.

Here is the look from the front door to your left.
A look from the front door to your right.

A look into the kitchen where the kids pick up their food.

A look inside the kitchen where we have running water to the sink and cabinet space.

Entrance to the girls dorms with their hand prints on the wall

One of the girls bedrooms.
The bathroom on the girls side.

Shower stalls

Toilet area

One of the boys bedrooms

Entrance to the boys bedrooms.
As you can tell from the pictures there is a lot of finishing work.
We would like to do the following:
- Tile the floor of the common area $3,000
- Tile the floor of the bathrooms $2,000
- Tile the floor of the kitchen $ 1,500
- Complete painting various areas of the entire home $2,000
- Add doors to the entrance of the dorms, bathroom stalls, shower stalls, etc. $2,000
- Complete lighting the home especially in the children's rooms $1000
- Finish up the kitchen to have more cabinet space and better counter space$1000
- Add gutters to the house to collect rain water $500
- Add facia board to the outside of the house$300
- complete ceiling for the entire house $1,500
- Add Chickens and complete the chicken coop outside so the chickens lay their eggs and stay warm $1500
- Buy an extra, extra large water tank to put on the water tower$1000
- Purchase a bike for the home $120

-Add garden for all kinds of vegetable $600
-Add a small canteen to generate some income for the home $3000
-Add 4 cows for milk $1,500(350 per cow)
-Build storage for food at the home $1000

Please pray with us as we finish up and that the funds would be provided for this finishing work. The total estimated amount to cover the work is $23,000. You can donate towards the specific needs by using the general donation button on our website We thank you for how you have supported us and helped us out already! Prayers and much appreciated, as we feel quite overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. We pray the Lord would give us wisdom and help us to prioritize want the immediate needs are. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thank you so much for your prayers, donations and support to the ministry. May the Lord bless you in a mighty way!
David and Laurel

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