Sunday, June 23, 2013


Winnie Kiptoo, Eunice, Brenda, Winnie Awino, and Sharon. 5 of the 7 girls at the home. When we arrived they were so shy and would just giggle a lot. Here is also a picture of our regular lunch. We have beans every lunch for good protein and rice every other day. The other day we have rice with corn(maize). It is hard to get used to such a repetitive menu but I am thankful we are well fed and provided for. God is good and the children are growing well and are healthy. I have to get out of the American mindset of variety at every meal and just eat the portion I have been given. Let me tell you the portions that they give us are way too much and they still don't understand that we don't need a heaping bowl of food. I feel bad when I can't finish it so I am still working with them to know good portion size and if someone wants more they can come back for seconds.

Thank you for your prayers and sending us encouraging mail. We thank you for your love and support.

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