Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finally some Pictures!

 Lily is an animal lover. Whenever she sees dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats, etc. she wants to pet them or pick them up. One of the things that Lily loves to do at the children's centre is to open the gate in the morning for the chickens to roam the yard. She has told me a few times now if she sees the chickens still in their home that they look sad and she needs to let them out!
The children who attended church our first Sunday there. David gave them a challenge to bring a friend or sibling the next Sunday and there were 70 in attendance. He also said that he would give them candy if they brought someone ;) Praying we are able to reach our community for Jesus.
 The children were so curious about the new family in town after the first Sunday School! They wanted to touch Lily, Levi and I. Lily and Levi were quite wary of all of the attention and touching. I would sit down in the grass and children would flock around asking me our names and teaching us a few Swahili words.
Teresa and Christine are such good helpers at the home. They are the older girls who have taken on the responsibility of making most of the dinner and making sure everyone is well fed. They are willing helpers and such a joy!

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