Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy Saturday

Adding flowers around the gazebo

Gideon helping with the gardening

Sarah and Moses

Ian with his jembe

Vincent, Lily and Levi dancing with the puppies to music!

Sharon washing clothes

Teresa gardening
Brenda washing her clothes

Vincent, Gideon, Victor, Dennis watching as Ian was getting rid of a toad they found in the garden. The kids really did not want the toad to touch them and were jumping out of the way!

Christine with Moses

Gideon, Dennis, Victor

Levi has to do whatever Lily is doing. They absolutely love these puppies! Lily loves Rex and Levi is either holding Tommy or Ruster (can't tell the two apart yet!)

Benard looking handsome
The toad that made everyone jump out of the way so they would not be touched by the warty thing!

Gathering some good grass for the cows to eat! They can't get enough of this grass! Wilson (our watchman), David, Eliud and Roy went to cut it at some field away from our home and brought it back for the cows.

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