Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little more of Sawich

Fun at the river while the others gather water for Kogo's house

Neighborhood kids... just need sticks or rocks and we are all happy campers!

Fun with the camera

Mercy loved to help with our little ones

Goofing off for the camera
Kogo has a stroller at her house and it is a big hit amongst all the kids... they fight to either be in it or push it!

Breakfast time at the newly constructed bench and table at Kogo's

Early risers... Lily is not so much one:)

Simple and fun toy... all you need is a stick, plastic top to something and a nail... voila now you have a wheel to walk around with!

Kogo being funny with the chicken she is chopping up for a yummy soup!

Jebet is a cousin that is four years old but Lily and her are about the same height! Fun to be around with cousins!
Levi was helping to pick up all of the cups from chai!

David and his older brother Jeremiah with his youngest daughter, Jebet

On a walk back to Kogo's house- Jebet, Levi and Lily

Sunset in Sawich

Lily being a goofball with her play cell phone having quite the conversation with someone!

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