Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our home in Sawich

Being the last born male in the family you inherit a house on your parents property and have the responsibility to take care of your parents when they get older. David is the last born male in the family so we have our own home on his parents property. Thought I would give you a tour of it. We were blessed by many of the things in our home from the wedding celebration that David's parents had for us back in 2009 when I first visited.
Our home with the wheelbarrows leaning up against it. We are trying to level out the land a bit for an addition to the house in the future.

to the left of the house on our way to Kogo's

Another view to the left just to give you an idea of how far our house is to Kogo's compound

Follow the path and it leads to David's parents compound

Go through the little gate not the Big gate or else that takes you off of David's parents property

Yes, here we go the open gate just step right in... welcome!

The parents house is on the left and the outside kitchen is on the right

The other house to the right of the kitchen is extra bedrooms and store house
Back to our home this is the where the little ones sleep.
This is our living room
Another view of the living room. David's trophies from when he ran in Europe. What the tropies stand on is this awesome china hutch type cabinet thing where we keep our dishes and cups and what nots that we were given at our wedding celebration.
The master bedroom. Lily was taking a nap at the time:)

Kogo's kitchen. Stove area made out of clay. There is even a hole at the back where the food can stay warm about all day. Pretty ingenious I would say. (I have not quite figured out how to arrange the pics on the blog page in the correct order!)

Another view of the outside of our home.

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