Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whoa. My kids are like me!

 I had to laugh when our matron, Sarah said to come look at my kids. I walked up to Lily and Levi and they were beaming from putting red lip gloss all over their faces and clothes! Sarah said that she found that they were under the table in the office very quiet.... any mother knows when the kids are quiet that you better go check on them! So Levi came out from the table and said "This, this" That is what he says when he wants you to go check out something. Sarah found Lily with the lip gloss on half of her face beaming!
 Lily kept telling me "don't take it off, Mama." She wanted to show the kids when they came for lunch her painted face.
 Levi didn't get much on him but was so happy to be doing the same things as his big sister!
 When the kids came for school they were taken aback and wondered what happened to Lily. Sarah decided to tell them that the dog got Lily. I don't know how much they believed Sarah but Lily sure smelled fruity from that lip gloss!
Teresa insisted that Lily should take it off... Lily was not too happy about that!

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