Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enjoy. :)

Soccer time Nickson, Lily, Benard, Gideon

Benard, Nickson, Wilson, Ian and Roy lunch time

lunch time- Vincent and Benard

Watching the sheep - Lily, Levi and Wilson

Lots of clothes - Busy Saturday

Christine, Winnie A. and Teresa
Got to check this little guy out!


We sweep the soil here. So funny to say but it is true... a lot gets collected and it looks a lot better when you just see the red soil :)

Popcorn madness! This boy loves it!

Saturday Laundry day.

Ladies doing laundry


Victor, Gideon, Benard, Eliud and Nickson eating lunch
snuggle time with Mama

She loves her leggings! and coordinating colors!

Always asking to hold this little guy and wanting to feed and change his diaper

Brenda, Sharon, Lily, Levi, Winnie K.

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