Monday, September 23, 2013

A day to work with a Good Samaritan

 I had a crazy day on Wednesday (Sept. 11th). You probably are asking yourself if this person in this picture is alive or not! Yes that was the exact thoughts I got when I saw this person. Men! We met this person being carried by about 8 people on top of two bags...down a steep hill. He was in a tractor accident where the breaks were not working and the driver not this man was trying to gear down but that did not work. The tractor was overloaded with potatoes and so the tractor overturned because the driver went in the bank to slow it down from the acceleration of the steep hill. The trailer hit the man and crushed the back of his skull and the neck. So I stopped and helped the Good Samaritan take this man to the local dispensary for medical help... They said he was in too critical condition and they did not have the supplies needed. So we took him in a very fast truck ride to the hospital in Eldoret about an hour away where the man who was hurt had to lie flat in the back of the truck with some cushioning and blankets and men around him to keep him in place on these crazy bumpy roads! I was driving about 100 mph or over through crazy traffic. Thank God it took us about an hour to get him to a bigger hospital in Eldoret. There are no ambulance here in Kenya to help during emergencies. I am so thankful to have a truck here to help others during such cases as much as we can. I don't know this person and I may not even meet him again but I pray that he made it. I prayed for him before we left the dispensary . God did miracles as by the time we arrived in Eldoret he was not unconscious anymore. He was already talking. God is good. Please I don't know how he is doing at this point but I wanted to share with you so you can keep him in your prayers.
 Waiting at ER. It's crazy that you have to wait or stand in line even during critical situation like this. Kenya really need medical assistance in anyway possible.

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