Thursday, September 26, 2013

Most Recent Projects!

1.     As some you may know we have started construction on expanding our home (the Bees 3 room home). We want to be able to house mission teams, family and friends when they come to visit or come for an extended stay. Our first team of two are coming on Monday (Sept. 30th) This is a mother -daughter team from Virginia who felt led by the Lord to come help the children leading various activities, working on social skills, teaching the children more about Jesus, art projects, etc.
"Bees on a Mission" house will have 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

2.     Movie ministry has become a powerful tool to reach out to many people for God’s glory. Many lost souls have been delivered through watching The Passion of Christ movie and other Christian movies.  Over 200 souls  were delivered  when we showed The Passion of Christ movie for the first time. We would like to go around from one community to another showing movies every Friday night.   The cost to show one movie is about $5 (gas for generator) and if you would like to send any Christian or Encouraging movies (or have suggestions of any good ones)… just let us know!

3.     We also added beds in our orphanage to accommodate more children and visitors. They are three tiered bunk beds! The boys are really enjoying theirs and Ian loves to sleep at the very top! This will be helpful in expanding our children’s ministry.  It is very hard to continue turning children away. Children are a blessing from above. These orphans and needy children need love and care just like any other kids. We are kindly requesting for your financial support to enable us complete the construction.  Any donation is tax deductible and is highly appreciated.  Visit our website ( to make your donation.
4.     We also added doors to bathrooms, showers and main doors heading to the dorm. These are custom cedar  doors to fit the various sizes of door frames. 
5.   We are still in need of Bibles- English or Kiswahili to continue to spread God's Word.
6.   Also, the children have started choir with a local man from the church in Flax... we are in need of instruments... Any would help-guitars, electric pianos, etc.

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