Sunday, September 29, 2013

A fun modge podge

Been trying to catch up with the blog...shoo so many fun pictures I want to share with you all!

We love to get Moses out in the sun under an brings us together!

Loving their bond!

Curious little ones who like to yell out the truck window!
Lunch time at our home can be interesting if both little ones want Mama.

May the Lord bless you who is reading this and continue to multiply all you have! Keep on reaching out to others!


  1. Great photos of little ones and kids with new clothes! Love, Daddio/Papa & Momo

  2. Wow...amazing pictures and what a beautiful ministry. Somehow God led my wife, Hannah Kinney, to your blog and have been praying for you. This was my first time perusing through it all. The "bees" story is particularly interesting.

    If you see this, please send us any special requests you have for prayer: (Jason Kinney).