Thursday, September 5, 2013

On a walk to a beautiful....

The children had a 3 week break from school in August.

We decided to take a walk one day to one of their favorite places.

The children knew the way we just followed!

The children were so excited to go and get off the compound and go exploring!
Brenda carrying an umbrella because this is rainy season so the rain can come pouring down without much warning!

It was not raining on the way there but the children found it to be so much fun to walk with the umbrellas open! They were fighting over who would hold which one since there are not enough for everyone!

Lily loves her purple umbrella her Baba got for her!

Hillary, Eunice, Teresa, Roy

Taking a break for everyone to catch up.

Lily finally gave into someone carrying her! She kept saying she is not a baby and does not need to be carried!
Had to stop to look at the rare sighting of a squirrel!

Moses slept for about the whole adventure!

It rained the night before so we had a lot of puddles to go around!

Finally to our destination... about a 2-3 mile walk from our home...

Lily did not like God's glorious waterfall at first! (I love when I can capture David and Levi doing the same thing!)
What an amazingly large waterfall for our area! I thought it was going to be a small one but this one was about a football field high!

Gideon loves to have his picture taken! Always ready with a smile!

Some of our older boys went down to the bottom of the waterfall to explore and make lots of noise! So fun to see them exploring and climbing!
The sound and sight of the waterfall was just amazing! I love how God created it hidden away on a trail.

Thank you Lord for such a fun time to walk and enjoy Your creation!

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