Saturday, October 5, 2013

A glimpse of our day!

 On Saturdays we put out all of the mattresses, beddings and wash clothes. Naturally everyone wants to hang out on the mattresses outside...especially Lily and Levi!

Moses loves the outdoors!

Benard working int he garden
Sharon helping in the garden

Time for a race! Gideon against Benard!

Such quick footed guys!

Brenda playing with the type of balls you would find in a playplace.
Winnie K., Lily and Brenda

hanging out on the veranda

I can't believe our little Levi is brave enough to swing all by himself on these big swings!! He is becoming so independent!


Collecting wood chips and putting them on the swing
Levi, Winnie K. and Lily

Time to slide!

Victor and Lily on their way up the ladder to slide

So thankful for how the older children help the younger ones.

Lily and Victor

Levi and Winnie K.

Donna and Brenda on the swings!


Nickson has some skills playing football(Kenyan football that is!)

Benard's favorite sport and he said he wanted to make sure to play it this weekend!


Ian doing a crazy cartwheel!

What fun to have high energy and spirited children here! God is awesome!

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