Monday, October 21, 2013

Scout Sunday!

Winnie A.

 What an amazing day on Sunday (Oct. 13)! We were invited to share the gospel at the Scout camp that they had at the local school. About 100 or more children were there from various schools around here. It is girl and boy scouts all together in one camp. We enjoyed watching them march and see their skills that they learned.
Their homemade tents from sheets, blankets, sacks, found tree limbs

mattresses all stacked up


Friend, Roy and Eliud

Homemade seating and tent

One of the schools showing off their skills to us.
The Scout Commissioner (head honcho of the camp)
We even brought all of the Sunday School children with us to the camp so that they could see Scouts and maybe inspire them!

This was the only school (private school)  that had Kenya Scout uniforms(because the others don't have money to buy the uniforms but thankfully you can still participate in Scouts with just your school uniform.

The three Muzungus (white people) were invited to inspect the troops. How akward and Donna, Abbey and I were asking ourselves what are we looking for. We just smiled real big as we inspected the troops :)

The Scouts told us some of their Scout laws which are the same worldwide!

 After we sang some praise songs we were able to talk with them about the Armor of God and tie it in with their training and discipline they had been learning at camp.

The Armor of God created by Donna and Jesse Johnson!
Then David shared with them about how to become saved by believing in Jesus and so many accepted Him into their hearts! David went back before everyone dispersed home because it was the close of camp and was able to give out 40 Bibles! What a blessing but we ran out so quick! We took down the names of those who did not get a Bible and what school they go to so when more boxes of Bibles come we can hook them up with God's Word! We were blown away by God's work! We were humbled and just reminded of how hungry people are for God's Good News! David told me that many of them had never even seen a Bible and said that receiving Christ into their hearts and getting a Bible was the best part about the WHOLE camp! WOOOHOO! God is great!

These are the children who received the 40 Bibles that were given to those who received Jesus as their personal Savior!

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