Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trust Fall.

 Ever tried this at a camp or at a retreat? Where you have a group of people that you have been working on trust and teamwork? We have been working on various trust activities here to build teamwork, communication and feeling more like a family than just individuals all put together. :)
 So everyone stands across form one another shoulder to shoulder with palms up and arms out to catch the person. Obviously you have to strategically put the stronger people where there will be more weight of the fall.
 The person who is falling crosses their arms and just fall straight backwards.
 It was a little hard for some... not all did it. We are proud of how far the children have come and are willing to try new things!

 Vincent always the joker and loves to make funny faces and just make everyone laugh!

 I of course had to try it! So fun and I love how we all worked together on this activity!

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