Thursday, October 3, 2013

FUN Visitors!!!!

What a blessing! We have Abbey and Donna Johnson here to stay with us till mid December! We are having a fun time showing them around and playing!
Our potatoes are growing!
Lily is loving all the extra attention and time in front of the camera!

Corn is just about right for harvesting!

Levi loves to find the flowers! He will pick all our colorful flowers that grow around here!

Lily loves to find the ripe vegetables!

Can you guess what she found?

Green peas!
They are so yummy!

Teeter Totter time!
How awesome to have a playground here!

Our neighbors have some of the cutest lambs!

We enjoyed watching them butt heads

The little calf that Harambee had is growing well! I love to see this little guy frolicking around! (He still needs a name!)

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