Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hanging out at home.

Dennis and Gideon on the veranda

Donna found a good spot to start sketching

Sketching the front of the big house

Moses says,"I want my bottle!"

 These balls are a hit here! They are the type of balls you find in a ball pit at a play place. The kids love to throw them and kick them around while Lily and Levi love to walk around with one in each hand and the kids pleading with them to just give up one!

Victor has a hand full of the balls.

Donna and Abbey have been so helpful with Moses! We thank the Lord for them and how they just jump in and help wherever is needed!

Moses enjoys all of the attention because he has plenty of hands to hold him and walk him around to see the sights!

His bib says"Who is cuter than me?"
Donna brought a nylon hammock and it fits in the bunk bed! Fun place for them to hang out!

Stunning sunsets here!

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