Saturday, October 5, 2013

Special meal and dancing!

 Saturdays we have a special meal... one that takes about all afternoon but well worth it! Tonight we had Mandazi (Donna explains it as an apple fritter without the apples), mashed potatos, and meat! So delicious as most nights of the week we have ugali(corn flour that is put into boiling water and comes out to the consistency of a bit more solid than cream of wheat) and collard greens!
I helped cook the mandazi this afternoon

Mandazi cooking over the charcoal

Christine is our professional mandazi maker and Winnie A. is looking on
Here is the dough laid out on the counter... made about 96 mandazi.

Levi and Brenda

Amazing sunsets here!
Nickson, Abbey and Brenda

Donna feeding Moses

Dancing time!
Christine busting a move!


Victor and Benard trying on Lily and Levi's chairs on for size!

The children gathered around for some Swahili music videos on my phone screen

Christine and Donna having fun!

Vincent can really bust some moves!

Lily pumpkin pie!

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