Friday, November 1, 2013

A few weeks ago...

Winnie K and Brenda
 Trying to play catch up on the blog! So many fun pictures that Abbey has taken of all the activities that have gone on recently. Thankful that she loves to capture these moments!
We got the armor of God out one evening for the children to try on! This is Ian with the Sword of the Spirit. (Check out Ephesians 6 to read the about the whole Armor of God!)

Gideon with the Helmet of Salvation

Ian with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit

Victor with the Breastplate of Righteousmess

Nickson with the Sheild of Faith

Donna telling the group about the Armor of God!


Vincent ever the joker with the Helmet of Salvation

Levi playing with the helmet

We had the children get into height order to start out the trust activities that we were working on. We needed them to be around the same height

So this is all before the blog that I wrote about the trust fall. We wanted them to work on communicating well and trusting one another better. So they got into groups of three and had to try to stand up without linking arms just pushing against each. So funny to watch and get involved in. I tried it with Roy and Eunice and we got up on the first try!

The next trust activity we did was to have one person in the middle of the three and lean back and forth and trust that the person behind and in front would catch them. The person in the middle had to keep their feet planted and stay board straight for it to work well. It was hard for a lot of them to trust that the others will catch them and we had to teach the spotters the right stance to be able to catch someone well.
Eunice with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit

The last activity of the evening was to have them split up into 2 groups. There was one person in the middle blindfolded and around 6 people in a circle  around the one person. So they would sway from side to side and back and forth and the people in the circle would "gently" push them back to the other side. So interesting to see who would completely trusted everyone and stay board straight while they swayed around

 All of these trust activities led up to the trust fall that I already blogged about and ultimately all of these trust activities are helping us to work up to the children getting up on the stilts (Feet of Good News). Also for obvious reasons on the trust activities that we would just work together better and communicate and trust one another. We are family after all!

Winnie A. with the Helmet of Salvation
Brenda playing with newspaper

Dennis and his cool hat!

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