Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fun in the sun

 So I was distracted or the internet stopped working after the last post... because I totally wanted to add these pictures on to our cool walk. This is when we got back from our walk that the following took place. :) Behind Levi is our gate leading out of our property

 We have a lane that goes between the soccer field and garden that we walk through.

 The new thing our puppies like to do is bark at our cows or the neighbos.
 Moses hung out with Christine (our matron) while she did the laundry.
 She propped him up by the tree and he was just fascinated by it!
 I loved how he was entertained by it!

Lily decided to check out what he was up to!

So she took the camera and started snapping pictures. :)

This little lady LOVES pink! She is drawn to anything pink and will point out pink in books and will find all the pink and purple books she can find on our bookshelves!

Of course she had to try her pink sunglasses on Moses!
Levi also had to come on by to check out Moses and his perch by the tree.

After some fun with Moses we went to Bees on a Mission house that we are building to see the progress!

Lily got the camera again and started snapping

Here is John and Chemoto putting up the ceiling joints in one of the rooms

We headed out side and Lily wanted to take pics of the sky...

some flowers

Lily had to find and take pics of pink flowers!

Twas a fun day and thankful that I finally got to show you the rest of our walk! :) Be blessed and enjoy this week!

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