Friday, November 1, 2013

CANDY and school visit

Gideon, Victor, Lily, Dennis, Levi, Donna and Abbey took these younger ones to one of the local shop for candy!

They were so excited for this treat.

Donna gave them the money and told them that they have this much money to spend and you need to figure out a way to get enough candy for all the children!

It was a fun adventure... or so I hear. I stayed at home.

Sweet success!

Donna and Levi headed with the rest of the group that don't go to school so we can visit and see how everything works there.

Levi loves to have both of his hands to be held.:)

Cheptigit Primary school ... this is where all of the children attend except for our oldest Hillary who is at a boarding  high school

We visited the classrooms

This is the baby class (pre-K to Kindergarten)

They get a snack around 10 of porridge

break time from class!

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