Monday, November 11, 2013

More on Face Painting!!!

Enjoy the following of our face painting escapades this last Friday! What fun we had and then we played games for our fall festival. Many of the children this was their first time to get their face painted. They were very shy at first and then got so into it!
Lily showing off her new skill of winking!

Lily and Levi were both so calm for me when they got their face painted! They kept asking for more paint on their faces!

Moses was also a calm little lion for me as I painted away a little mane!:)

Donna and I were the face painters and Abbey was the photographer!

Christine, Ian and Dennis looking through the book as to what to get!

Sharon becoming a clown

Victor is a cat while Gideon was a lion.

Making Ian into a clown face!

Eliud and Levi

Winnie Awino's reaction to some of our faces being painted when she arrived from school

I love her spirit. She is easy to laugh and just loves to sing and get excited!

Christine, Gideon and Dennis

Sharon with her completed clown face!

Gideon the Zebra!

Christine with Moses

Dennis, Roy and Eliud looking for ideas

Roy transforming into a tiger!

Victor and Gideon

Winnie A. and Lily

Lily loves to take pictures!

Christine getting a flower on her face

Roy the tiger!

Levi loves to perform for the camera!

The cute little lion got dusted with shimmery powder!

Sorry Christine for getting powder on your ear!

Gideon the Zebra

Eliud and Roy

Vincent and Nickson

Ian with the camera


Vincent another tiger! We had 3 in all!

Ian the clown

Eunice transforming into a clown

Vincent with the camera


Winnie A.

Eunice and Sharon the clowns

Eliud and Eunice

Winnie Awino

I love doodling on people's faces! It is the best!

Abbey and Donna!

Ian checking himself out in the mirror

Getting a tattoo on his arm:)

Also had a bean guess count for our fall festival! Benard won!

Nickson the zebra

Auntie Christine with a butterfly!

Victor, Eliud and Ian

Brenda and Winnie A.

Getting a few touch ups and yellow highlights!

Vincent the tiger with red lips!!!

Victor the cat with orange lips!

Would do this face painting all over again! So much fun and color everywhere! Lots of laughs! Thank you Lord for color, paint, creativity, good food and family!

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  1. Outstanding photos of face painting! Looks like all had a blast . . . certainly up your alley, Laurel. Give all hugs and kisses for Papa and Momo and a wink for Lily!