Thursday, November 14, 2013

The GREAT Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley

 This beautiful area is on the way to Sawich - Kogo and Kugo's house!
 We love how scenic the drive is!

 I loved when we stopped that the children were getting off from school and heading home. 3 adult Muzungus stepped out of the car with 2 mocha colored children and a tall dark handsome man. Everyone stopped and stared. I tried to go over and shake their hand but they would run from me. So we made it a game. I would walk aback to our group with Lily and the children would get a little closer to check us out and then all of a sudden I would run after them and they would scream and some would be so scared! It was quite funny because after a while of doing this they ran behind the fence from the picture above so there was a boundary between us. None of them wanted to shake my hand. They would reach out and then pull back really quick!
 Our little mocha munchkins just watched them and smiled. :)

 Arrived in Sawich. Donna and Abbey really enjoyed seeing where David grew up. This hut used to be where the family lived now it is a storage area.

 Heading to Kogo's house for some chai

 After breakfast the next morning we headed to get ready for a hike in the woods.

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  1. . . . only 2 pictures of the back of Lily; no winks! Beautiful vista pictures!