Friday, November 1, 2013

Create for Yourself the Armor of God

GOGCP choir


Two girls sharing a song they had on their heart

More parachute play!

Roy loved to lay under the parachute

Dennis loving it!

After some parachute play we headed inside where we learned to make our own Armor of God! Here is Dennis modeling his.

Donna explained to all the children the different parts of the Armor and how God equips us with the armor to fight the devil and all he tries to do to bring us down.

Adorable little one with the Helmet of Salvation

Winnie A.

Lily and her beloved pink boots.

Vincent with the Breastplate of Righteousness and Helmet of Salvation

Laurel with her Helmet


Vincent with his completed armor

Eliud and Nickson

Everyone have a sword fight now!!!

A little one got a little scared with all that was going on so Abbey helped console her.

We pray that these children understood all that they were making and how God equips each one of us with all these pieces of armor when we accept His son Jesus into our hearts!

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