Thursday, February 20, 2014

Took a walk and became an octopus!

 It all started with a leisurely walk around the neighborhood as a little family.

 Then out of no where a ton of kids bombarded us.

 Lily wanted no part of it but Mama obliged and they all started grabbing a finger to hold on.

 More and more came after a while

 Levi stayed safe on top of Baba out of the sea of children!
 As you can see we started becoming an octopus as each child tried to grab one of my finger while we walked.

 We did not understand one another with words but actions, silly faces and funny noises cracked each of us up.

 So we walked along for a while and some other children started to watch us and quickly walked past us! Haha... they must have thought the octopus was too scary
 Especially when the mama gets silly...

 Finally Lily decided to join us in the long octopus!

 What fun and so refreshing to this mama's soul to be silly...

 The spectators of the crazy octopus!

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  1. Pure joy in these beautiful smiles. ..God bless