Monday, February 17, 2014


 Lily tries out the new rope swings!
 They are a ton of fun!!!
 The day before the Roanoke Team left we went to another local Primary school to preach the gospel and do the same program that we did at Cheptigit Primary!
 It was an awesome success for God's glory as many more souls accepted Jesus as their Savior

 Please pray for these new Jesus followers that they would tell others about His saving grace and the greatest gift to all of us!
 We were able to give out more Bibles so that they can grow in the Lord!

 The Bible ministry is vital here as so many souls are making the decision to follow Christ and needing to know the next step to take. What a great blessing it has been to be able to hand out Bibles to them! Thank you for your support in this ministry!!!

After the outreach program at the Primary school we headed to Eldoret for a good meal before the team left! Tom, Kayla, Sherri, Jay, Ginger, Jackie, Pat, Levi and Laurel. As you can see we forgot to tell the clowns to bring a change of clothes so they walked through town in their costumes. They were very forgiving and flexible in this situation!

Kayla feeding Moses before they left

Ginger planting her tree with Victor

Jackie with Kipchumba and Brenda planting her tree

Sherri and Timothy

Pat and Winnie A.
Kayla and Victor

Tom and Gideon

Jay with Moses and Kipchumba planting his tree/shrub

Tom, Jay, Jackie, Sherri, Pat, Ginger and Kayla we want to thank you for your amazing work and blessings you bestowed on us! We thank the Lord for the strength and good health that he gave you all. We loved getting to know you and how the Lord has used you. Keep on using your amazing gifts for HIS glory! We love you all and miss you already!

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