Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roanoke, VA team part 2

Victor, Moses and Brenda

Kipchumba, Victor and Moses

Setting the swing set

A lot of machete cutting

The VA team blessed us with a chain saw which sped up the process immensely as they were sawing with a hand saw that was not sharp or well made!

Tire swing!

Cutting pipes for the swinging bridge

Sherri and Kayla

Pat and Sherri


 Pat, Jackie and Ginger dressed up as clowns for their program at the school

 Jay and Tom were puppets and did some skits... right here they are greeting all of the teachers at the school.

Jay, Tom and the headmaster, Patrick

The team being introduced to all of the children...Jay, Tom, Kayla, Pat, Jackie, Sherri and Ginger

Winnie K. and Sharon helping sing a Kiswahili song with Jay

Tom in  a skit with the clowns

The final skit was very touching as they presented Heaven on one side and Hell on the other. Sherri, Kayla, Ginger, Jackie, Pat held up signs saying "I helped my neighbor", "I was a good person", "I read my Bible everyday", etc. all things that people think that get them into heaven. But the real ticket to heaven is "I accepted Christ as my Savior". So Tom(God) was in the middle of heaven and hell directing each person as to where they are to go. At first the children were silently watching and then you could hear them guessing where each person would go either to heaven or hell. All of them went to hell except for the one holding the sign "I accepted Christ as my Savior". The children really understood it all after David explained to them in Kiswahili that all those other things are good and you should be a good person, help your neighbor, read your Bible and go to church but that will not get you a ticket into heaven. You have to accept Jesus as your Savior and allow him to change you and be born again and become a new person living for the Lord. It was an awesome invitation and many children made the decision to accept Jesus as their Savior! The team had brought some Gideon's Bibles that they gave out to the children who accepted Jesus. Praise the Lord for more souls who are going to be in heaven! The angels were rejoicing! We were rejoicing! God is MARVELOUS!

 Jay let the children bang on the drums as we left the school :)

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