Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roanoke, VA team arrives and get straight to work!

Jay and Tom hit the ground running. They drew up plans for the new playground. They had a great idea to make the existing one into a fun tree house with a ladder coming through the floor... etc. you will see in the following pictures the amazing transformation in one week of the playground and water tower being strengthened! Only God could do that!

Kayla treating the wood
 Tom and Jay brought 5 lovely ladies with them on this trip. Jay and his wife Sherri and Jay's mom, Pat and his neice, Kayla. Also Ginger who was a family friend and Tom brought his wife, Jackie. What fun we had all together and so much accomplished for God's Kingdom!

The VA team did a program for the Children's church with puppets, singing, sharing the Gospel and balloons!

Jackie taught the girls and some of the boys how to make pot holders with square looms that she brought.

Pat also helped teach the girls!
We loved seeing how the girls took off with the pot holders and started putting two of them together to make a purse/bag! So creative!

Winnie A. with her finished pot holder

Emily Koech is a local supporter that God brought our way! She has been providing us with bread and various items when she is in our area! We love how God works because she was looking for a different children's home but ended up finding ours and has been a blessing to us in so many ways!
Jay, David, Emily, Laurel, Moses and Tom

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