Monday, February 17, 2014

The AMAZING transformation!

 So the upper deck of the slides became a tree house which has become an amazing hangout place! We love how the ladder comes through the floor! Ingenious of the VA team!
 The tree house has become a good spot to color!

Levi loves his pic to be taken!

Ladder up the tree house!
The tree house is a great place to get an awesome view of the land God has blessed us with! Here are the new slides with a swinging bridge and modern rock wall!

The garden
Soccer field

View of the chicken coup and the lumber yard

Rope swings, swings and tire swing!
View of the Gazebo and Bees on a Mission house
The big house

Mama look at the kids playing soccer!

Winnie K. and Brenda coloring
Winnie A. joined the party in the tree house

 first Sunday with the new playground!!! It was a dark and rainy day but a lot of children came to play! Praise the Lord!

 The day started out with dark clouds but that did not deter the children
 They kept on coming and trying out all of the new equipment.
 Many of the children walk past our home on their way home so they had seen the transformation over the past week and were so anxious to check it all out!
 Then it started to rain and A LOT of the children ran to the tree house for cover!

 The rest of the children headed to the veranda to get out of the rain!
WOOHOOO Rope swings that have foot holds... these boys were entertaining everyone while it still rained!

 The children could wait no longer for the rain to stop and started trickling out into the rain to play on the AWESOME playground!
Play, Play, Play!!!!!!

Some children really waited till the rain totally quit!

 We got out some coloring books and tore out the pages for the children to get creative! Fun to have lots of crayons to share with everyone!
fun log jam for the slides! Took the children a while to get used to the taller slides but they mastered them and totally loved them by the end of the day!

New and stronger monkey bars! The others ones had cracked from all of the wear and tear about 2-3 weeks before the VA team arrived!

New seesaw! The other one had also fallen apart about 2 months before the VA team arrived

You always have to have a great game of soccer on Sunday!

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