Sunday, February 2, 2014

TODAY. Take a look :)

 So today started out with Levi walking around in black high heels!

 He had everyone laughing and wanting to join in on the fun of high heels!
Sharon, Moses, Winnie A., Victor, Brenda, Levi, Lily, Ian, Timothy

Now let's get all of the high heels out that the Colorado team left for us! Brenda, Winnie A. Levi

Winnie K., Levi, Lily and Winnie A.

Winnie K. with the munchkins

Winnie A. with the munchkins!

We had about 70 children for Sunday Service! So blessed to be able to reach out to all of these children!

Suzy and Rudy

Lily loves to care for Moses any chance she can get! with Brenda and Winnie A.

Gideon and Dennis

Levi squeezing the youngest!

 DOLLS! Check it out... they are stylin!!!

 You may wonder just a bit about the following pictures! Well I wanted to show you all what talent these girls have here! They were given these dolls from Donna and Abbey Johnson before they left. Well just in the past 2 months they have been busy fashionistas creating clothes for their dolls! I always love the new designs or fabric scraps that they use! They are so inventive and are so proud of their creations!
Winnie A. with her doll

Brenda with her doll
Moses having fun as we take doll pics!

The following are their different outfits that they have made for their dolls!

Silly Levi... ever a boy playing in dirt!

Moses checking out a red high heel

Lily snuggles

Sharon's doll

Sharon with her doll

Victor with the big truck! An ever popular toy here!
Winnie A. and Brenda working on brushing out their dolls hair

This is Winnie A. fav pic of her doll! She loves how long her hair is!

Levi enjoyed setting them up!

He wanted me to take pictures of the dolls... not him!

Winnie K. doll

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